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American Teachers have been the shining light to an African School crying out for help… 

Sarah Elizabeth Jaynes and Beverley Blount have signed up to be with us for 6 weeks, they have already completed 3 weeks and have been incredibly helpful at the School. The School is needing actual skilled Teachers and unskilled volunteers to help teach and create a more stimulating learning environment for the 125 odd African Children. Lucky for us and the School, these two woman are both extremely talented and passionate about helping others who are in desperate need of education. 

Sarah and Beverley have been tireless in coming up with new teaching methods and helping in painting the library while the Children are on their winter break. The Principal of the School, Lungi, has only had great things to say about the progress and the selflessness of the two. We are all proud to be associated with these two amazing girls and thank them for being two incredible individuals. 


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