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Namibia has been on my bucket list ever since I saw it 25 years ago on one of our first Family tours. 

Justin Bean and I had decided a while ago that we need to explore this incredibly vast Country in his Land Rover Defender. The plans went forth and Justin cruised up the West Coast where I would later fly into Windhoek to meet him. First stop as usual was a good ice cold beverage at Joe’s Beer House in the Capital before settling into the first camp site at Elisenheim Gastefarm. Our trip would see us cover 5000 kilometres together, no time for complications, just a good play list, snacks, a map and plenty gin and dry lemon, to keep mosquitoes away obviously. 

from the next day on we woke up to long lasting sun rises with the smell of strong coffee on the brew. Justin was driver, I was chef and part time fun guide. We followed dirt roads that took us through different scenery every day. Namibia is completely different to any other place I have ever seen, and the the quote from Robin Sharma: “Silence is the place productive people go to think” comes to mind. 

Our first great land mark was the Spitzkoppe, then onto the Brandberge where we camped in an old river bed littered with tracks from the illusive desert elephants and Namib lions. Camping on the ground is a unique experience here. We followed lion tracks for a whole day until we ran out of road and were forced to turn around, with much interest from surrounding baboons, Martial eagles and Gemsbok. We hadnt really seen many people for a few days so decided to make our way down to Swakopmund and along the coast towards Luderitz in search of the Brown Hyena and good food. By this time we had almost heard my playlist 3 times and was time for a change, so we switched off and took in the sounds of the desert and nature. I must admit, being used to the “luxury” travel along the Garden Route, this experience was incredible and would urge travelers to see the vast beauty and natural wild life. 

We eventually found ourselves in the Namib desert and in Sossusvlei, where we climbed dunes for days and took in the peacefulness of the Dead Vlei pan for sunrise. It was time to get to some sort of shower after all the dust storms in the desert. We then set forth to the Fish River Canyon to sit in amazement on the towering cliffs observing the canyons and river below, another awe inspiring place. After following the river we ended up at Ai-Ais hot springs resort, where I convinced Justin to climb Niemands Berg with me, a fete I had done 25 years back, and then, being the youngest to climb it at 6 years old. I think it may have been easier at that age. 

I have left out quite a bit of detail, as I had decided not to take notes, but instead take everything in with my eyes and soul, instead of through a camera. I will recommend this to trip to exclusive groups, we will be taking groups up there in the future for sure. But for now, take a look at our video, thereafter, mail me for bookings and I will compile a group trip that you will not forget.

Life is one big adventure, or nothing 


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