Build Your Own Golf Tour Gallery

Freewalker Golf Tours are now even more customized, with the utmost attention to your Group’s needs. We are aligned with the best courses and accommodation styles you require, all you need to then decide is what to do when you’re not playing golf, and your options are plentiful.

Exclusive Travel Gallery 2014

Freewalker Exclusive Tours enjoyed a successful 2014 season, making new friends, creating new memories, experiencing new adventures and expanding the boundaries of our hospitality skills. The Tours seem to be growing with excellence and understanding what group’s need in travel.

Golf Course Scenery Gallery

Freewalker pride themselves on delivering you to the best courses we have to offer along the Garden Route. Most of the courses are “Resort-Style”, which allows the entire Group to be entertained, and not just the Golfers. The coast of South Africa is lush, plenty annual rainfall and extremely diverse in beauty.

Student Weekend Adventure Gallery

Volunteers and International Students from all over the World enjoy our unique weekend adventures. We combine adventure, adrenalin, sight-seeing, culture, beaches, hikes, nature, photography and filming, and more all in one action packed weekend. The Best thing is that we do weekly updates of the photo’s and specially edited videos for all their Facebook friends to keep up to date with their travels.

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