Here’s the idea: I have been traveling South Africa with my Adventure company for over 13 years now and have been taking pictures of travelers/friends in so many destinations. I will provide you with travel, outdoor and adventure content in various destinations. I have worked with a few outdoor brands over the past 2 years and have successfully created content for them, costing them much less than a professionally hired product shoot and generating a true adventure feel through taking the products to places that production company’s usually wont get to. I am a keen photographer and you can usually find me on safari’s, up mountains, on beaches, exploring South Africa and Africa. I make use of good looking active friends or models who are able to fit the outdoor look. I try get the shoots done in time and transfer the raw footage to you for editing and have in the past done quiet a few videos of items being used outdoors, like climbing Kilimanjaro with our Outdoor Warehouse sponsor or Cape Town mountains with our Hi-Tec travel gear.

Your benefits to collaborating with me: Because I own an adventure travel company I am always outdoors, on tours on hiking/exploring with friends who will all be willing to wear your product for photographs. I rely on real outdoor shots and make use of backgrounds and light that are relevant to the product. I have focussed all my collaborations on outdoor companies who use content of real people in real outdoor situations. I am very creative and generally try place the “models” in real life situations that your market can relate to, creating awareness and need for the items. I have travelled the entire South Africa and firmly based in Constantia, Cape Town now and for the foreseeable future. I often get tours into Africa and can take your product to iconic destinations. I provide my clients with more than enough content for their adverts, social media platforms and usage as they wish. Past clients have requested edited videos which are also great for awareness, people love seeing things in operation. I make use of Cameras, drones and sometimes Go Pro’s for underwater or action shots. I receive the products from you, get the content required and transfer them to you as soon as possible. It’s one of my greatest passions, taking photos of people in natural environments and outdoors. I cost much less than a paid photographer and provide you with real outdoor content. I post all my projects on my social media platforms and ask the models to do the same, creating extra awareness, everyone wins. Content, content, content is much needed in marketing campaigns.

Outdoor Warehouse worked with Murray of Freewalker Travel on a monthly retainer where he created awesome content regarding our products in the correct environment. We received world class photos and content which we used and still use on most of our platforms. Due to Covid-19 and other factors we had to cut back on external work handed out. I will highly recommend Murray to any business seeking product testing, imagery or content creation. We will use his services in future without any hesitation. Kobus Potgieter, Chief Executive Officer: Outdoor Warehouse South Africa

Sports Team Tour Gallery

Freewalker has worked with cricket, rugby, golf, water polo and multi-athlete teams in the past and are excited to host large sport teams to our extremely active, competitive and diverse sporting South Africa.

Build Your Own Golf Tour Gallery

Freewalker Golf Tours are now even more customized, with the utmost attention to your Group’s needs. We are aligned with the best courses and accommodation styles you require, all you need to then decide is what to do when you’re not playing golf, and your options are plentiful.

Exclusive Travel Gallery 2014

Freewalker Exclusive Tours enjoyed a successful 2014 season, making new friends, creating new memories, experiencing new adventures and expanding the boundaries of our hospitality skills. The Tours seem to be growing with excellence and understanding what group’s need in travel.

Golf Course Scenery Gallery

Freewalker pride themselves on delivering you to the best courses we have to offer along the Garden Route. Most of the courses are “Resort-Style”, which allows the entire Group to be entertained, and not just the Golfers. The coast of South Africa is lush, plenty annual rainfall and extremely diverse in beauty.

Student Weekend Adventure Gallery

Volunteers and International Students from all over the World enjoy our unique weekend adventures. We combine adventure, adrenalin, sight-seeing, culture, beaches, hikes, nature, photography and filming, and more all in one action packed weekend. The Best thing is that we do weekly updates of the photo’s and specially edited videos for all their Facebook friends to keep up to date with their travels.

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