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Freewalker offers exclusive tours in Southern Africa, mainly between the Eastern Cape Big 5 Safari region and Western Cape. We provide clients the finest in terms of services and lodging and pride ourselves on our flexibility and tailor-made packages designed with the clients. Your private Guide ensures it is a dream vacation. They say South Africa is the World in one country, come explore it with Freewalker. The video shows parts of Cape Town, Wine Country, Garden Route and Safari.


12 day Big 7 luxury tour (all-inclusive)

Starting from R113,450

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South Africa is the only place in the world where you are able to see all these incredible animals...


12 day Cape Town to Safari (all-inclusive)

Starting from R95,450

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An exclusive Family or Group adventure tour that incorporates the very best in tourist attractions...


14 Day Safari-Garden Route-Wine – Cape Town Tour (all-inclusive)

Starting from R115,000

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14 days/13 nights incorporating the very best of the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa. Spend...


7 Day Garden Route Tour (all-inclusive)

Starting from R58,500

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A uniquely designed Family or Group tour along the World Famous Garden Route. Clients are treated to...


8 day Cape Town to Safari (all-inclusive)

Starting from R68, 500

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An exclusive Family or Group adventure tour that incorporates the very best in tourist attractions...


10 day Cape Town to Safari (all-inclusive)

Starting from R85,500

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An exclusive Family or Group adventure tour that incorporates the very best in tourist attractions...


Customize your own

Starting from R2,500 per day excl: Accommodation type

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Choose your preferred accommodation and adventures to suit your Group or Family's travel needs....



  • James Maasdorp (Australia) -

    We used Freewalker Adventure Travel from Australia, they were amazingly helpful and we organised everything from overseas, they were quick and reliable, everyone loved the service and the experience, would highly recommend them to anyone!

  • Evert Van der Wal -

    Dear Murray and Janneke, thanks again for the great organisation and experience concerning climbing the Kilimanjaro, September ’17. The trip was something never to forget, as also you! You made it happen, you made it crazy, incredible and so much fun. Many thanks again, keep on going entertaining and traveling with people, show them the... Read more »

  • Steven Ford & Family

    My family had the experience of a lifetime with Murray. Murray was highly recommended to us and it was the best decision we could have made. Murray is very professional and very personable. He was clearly committed to make our experience one that we would never forget. I highly recommend Murray for a great experience!... Read more »

  • Geraldine Clark -

    We had a fabulous safari with Freewalker, organised by Murray. It was a most memorable and exciting experience. Fabulous 5 star lodge resort, with awesome views and wildlife drives. We will definitely return for another trip. Murray is really helpful and committed to making your trip the trip of a lifetime. He has excellent suggestions... Read more »

  • Anthony Smith -

    Fantastic experience. I highly recommend using Freewalker. Murray knows all the best things to do and places to go. I’d use them again in a heartbeat if I got the chance to return. Top notch!

  • Troy Finney (Kilimanjaro & Safari) -

    When we first started working with Freewalker to put together a trip to climb Kilimanjaro and also go on a few days of safari, we had high expectations of an exciting trip with lots of new experiences.  However we were completely blown away with the actual adventure.  From the beginning, the climb on Kilimanjaro was... Read more »

  • Rachel Pierce

    I have used Freewalker multiple times during my trips to South Africa both as part of a group of students and with a family, and every time they have planned amazing trips. Murray and his team are absolutely wonderful at coordinating beautiful, fun places to stay and adventurous, interesting activities to enjoy. They know how... Read more »

  • Mark and Jen Barry -

    Our trip to South Africa in July 2012 was truly the trip of a lifetime.  After spending the first week of our family vacation on a game reserve we decided to take the next week of our trip to travel from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town along the Garden Route.  While we would normally take... Read more »

  • Paul Majeroni & Family -

    This was the best tour company in South Africa, a must have guides are a blast and get the job done. You dream it they make it happen. I also look forward to a return trip, but I don’t know how you could ever top the last one. It was truly our favorite trip ever. Freewalker Adventures were... Read more »

  • Peg & Shandra Christianson -

    Words can’t express how special you made our trip to SA. You both are such wonderful, extraordinary people and taught us both so much. We enjoyed our adventure to both Plett and Knysna and every little detail you put forth in making it so special. This was the trip of a lifetime, one that I... Read more »


Q: Will someone meet us at the airport on arrival?
A: Your Freewalker Guide will be waiting at arrivals to meet you and take you to your accommodation. Your Guide will be with you for duration of your Freewalker tour and make sure that you depart safely.

Q: Is tipping expected and what should I give?
A: It is customary to include a 10% - 15% tip at restaurants and a 10% tip to adventure guides at various activities. Your Freewalker Guide, who will be with you from arrival to departure and ensure that the tour runs smoothly works on between $50 - $100 per day, although that is entirely up to you.

Q: Where can I exchange currency?
A: You will be required to declare all foreign currency when entering/exiting South Africa, therefore we advise that you only exchange money needed for the tours. Money can be exchanged at most airports, banks, shopping centers and even hotels and lodges. The currency in South Africa is the South African Rand. Rands should be used for meals and spending money, as well as adventure activities and tipping, although it is easy to use your credit card at almost any place.

Q: Can I use my credit card in South Africa?
A: All major credit cards, including Visa, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, are accepted at most hotels, shops, restaurants and activities. Proof of identification may be requested in some instances and it is useful to carry a passport or some copied proof of identification.

Q: Is the tap water safe to drink?
A: Tap water is safe to drink throughout South Africa, except in some rural areas. Bottled water is available everywhere for those who prefer.

Q: Are there any special health requirements when traveling in South Africa?
A: Yellow fever shots and certificate are required to enter South Africa if you traveled through the yellow fever belt. If special medication is rewired please have enough to last the duration of the tour. You should also consult your doctor for the best medication if you will be traveling through malaria areas in South Africa. If you do experience any symptoms of tick bite or malaria, consult your doctor immediately. In the summer months you will need to check for ticks if you enter safari areas. Tick bite fever is a serious problem if contracted.

Q: Is South Africa Malaria free?
A: The Western Cape to Eastern Cape, along the Garden route is completely malaria free. If families extend their tour towards certain parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Kruger National Park, then malaria precautions should be taken. Big 5 safari options in the Eastern Cape are malaria free and would be a good way to travel from Cape Town to Safari with the family or Group.

Q: Should I take out travel insurance before heading to South Africa?
A: It is advisable to take out adequate travel insurance before departure. Freewalker is a fully insured company.

Q: Is South Africa a good family destination?
A: South Africa is a great family destination and has activities for children of all ages and an incredible variety of family activities. Our family tours usually begin or end in Cape Town and follow the World famous Garden Route. The Garden Route is renowned for having numerous towns along the way with activities such as Whale watching safaris, Great White Shark cage diving, tree top and waterfall ziplining, river cruises, Table Mountain cable car, paragliding, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, coastal hikes, sight-seeing, wine tastings and tours, cultural activities, historical sites, scenic drives and plenty more. We have traveled with families with 3 generations before and it has all been a trip of a life time. Families will be given a list of activities to choose from when inquiring about the tour.

Q: When is the best time to visit South Africa?
A: Summer runs from October to April with days being sunny and plentiful. Winters run between May to August, but temperatures are still good. The majority of our American family tours take place in our winter months as it is quiet season here but the weather is still good enough to get out there each day. Throughout the summer months we find the European travelers frequenting South Africa.

Q: What kind of accommodation is available in South Africa?
A: South Africa has a wide variety of accommodation to suit every budget, ranging from 5 star resort style options to family beach units. There is a huge selection of World renowned hotel groups and private hotels throughout the country, backed up by 4 star accommodation options that will not disappoint. A great number of family tours opt for the 4/5 star hotels and Safari Lodges, with many requesting beach accommodation in Whale season and in the summer period.

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