Camilla Danielsen is Awesome Go Back

Camilla was our first Volunteer after the re-launch of Freewalker African School Development Projects. We met Camilla last year on a sandboarding trip, and after speaking with Abby (Our Volunteer Director), she decided to join us in South Africa this year.

Camilla jumped straight into the action by entering a Freewalker team into the Neon Run as soon as she landed, and after the first weekends welcomes were over it was straight into business. Abby, Cindy and Camilla took on the project of creating a library at the School, a mammoth task seeing that there was no library to speak of. The end product however is something to behold, very neat, organized, colorful and stimulating, this room will lead to many more projects being opened and Volunteers using this room to help educate the kids with reading lessons, World/Culture lessons and basic conversation interactions between young kids and Internationals.

Abby had been planning to help at a AIDS foundation where moms and Volunteers make, collect and hand out clothes, blankets and baby necessaries to mothers who have just given birth, Cindy and Camilla joined her to do this. The ladies returned with different views after this experience. Camilla and the team also collected hundreds of guavas to hand out at school as a nutrition boost to the kids, after which she planted 5 guava trees at the school to bare its own fruit and remain there for years to come. After a township trip we came across boys playing soccer on the side of the raod and it was decided to buy a few soccer balls for them to use.

After a few hard weeks volunteering with 150 children, there was always room for adventure opportunities. Camilla and Cindy camped out in a nearby mountain range with a group. From the base camp (solar and gas only), they were able to walk to waterfalls and bushmen paintings in caves. The big trip came in after the second week when she decided to join me on a Lesotho trip with another group. We visited amazing areas in Lesotho, Drakensberg and the Wild Coast before returning home to rest. We also treated Camilla to a Safari weekend of note. The wildlife encounters we experienced on the safari were phenomenal, and all thanks to our Friend Justin Bean.

Camilla is returning to Norway to visit a few Universities and Schools to show students her experience with us and perhaps lead a few groups back here in time.For any information and reference please message Camilla on her mobile: 41415891 if in Europe/Norway, or mail her at for info. All the videos and pictures of her Volunteer Adventure with Freewalker are on her Facebook page too: #Camilla.Danielsen.Freewalker

A huge thank you must go out to Camilla for her spontaneous attitude towards life and for getting stuck in with the projects. We will see you soon.

Freewalker Volunteering Team

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