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Freewalker is a state of being…it is humanitarian, adventure, and freeing, it is realizing that one person can make a difference…and that person can be you!


Freewalker Volunteer Projects create the opportunity for you to be part of the action and to make a difference in the world while leaving your positive footprint behind…. You are able to share your knowledge, skills and techniques through the interactive teaching, coaching and development of children who have the enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Conservation projects introduce you to sustainable environmental programs within the schools and you truly be making a difference through the volunteer wildlife conservation and marine rehabilitation programs!

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Wildlife Conservation Experience

Freewalker Nature Conservation Portfolio is made up of two awesome projects which include Wildlife Conservation and Marine Rehabilitation.

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Teaching & School Development

Aid in the development of early learning skills and ensure every child attending gets the attention and love they need, while developing, learning and interacting…

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Freewalker Adventures are uniquely diverse, one to multiple-day trips; generating a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty, abundant scenery, historically rich cultural backgrounds, spectacular wildlife and all along indulging in the best adventure activities South Africa has to offer. Every tour is specifically planned to accommodate your chosen adventure and for activities that always seem to spontaneously arise on the tours.

Freewalker is making your travels meaningful by donating adventure profits to its sustainable development projects!

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Freewalker Weekend Adventures are offered at 50%+ OFF to all Freewalker Volunteers…